IRAN Steel Industry is the 1st & largest constructional steel & rail producer and the biggest producer of long products in the Middle East with 3.6 Million tons capacity per year, producing various constructional & industrial steel sections.

The products of this plant are being exported to more than 23 European, Asian & African countries and such products have been used on domestic markets in important projects such as; Milad Tower, Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant, big dams and subway, to these we can add rails produced by this company which will be relatively used in the expansion of Iranian railway system.



The most important products of this company are as follow:

Steel Products: The “IPE & H” beams, reinforced & conventional bars, angle, equal winged channel, rail & ingots.

Industrial Products: Various types of industrial coils with 70CR2, RST34-2 C67, RSD7, USD7, SWRH, CK35, CK45 steels, as per the customer order.

By Products: Solid pig iron, coal tar, Toluene, Ammonium Sulfate, Coke, steel making & blast furnace slag, steel making wet dust (industrial sludge), Lime, Liquid & Gas Oxygen, Liquid Nitrogen.

Product’s as below as :

  • Steel Products
  • Beam Attachment 20
  • Angles Attachment 21
  • Round Bars Attachment 22
  • Channels Attachment 23
  • Pig Iron Attachment 24
  • Convertor Sludge   Attachment 25

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