Refined Sugar

This type of sugar is obtained by passing raw sugar through a purification process to further extract impurities from the crystals. Though similar to the process of white sugar, it has a higher purity with transparent white crystals, which has the color indices from 0 to 45 ICUMSA. Refined sugar is suitable for industries that require highly pure raw materials, such as pharmaceutical, beverage and energy-drink industries.

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Thailand’s sugar industry is one of the largest worldwide, producing in 2015 around 11 mln tonnes and exporting almost 8 mln tonnes of sugar, ensuring its place as the second largest exporter after Brazil. Recent government policy has encouraged a move by farmers from rice into cane, while a generally positive domestic pricing en vironment for both cane and sugar underlay rising output. The government has also approved new investments by the milling sector and is allowing new sugar millers to enter the industry. It targets by 2025/26 ample increases in cane output and sugar production.

Sugar products of Thailand are made from high quality sugarcane with organic cultivation through a clean and safe manufacturing process. Currently, sugar products of Thailand can be categorized into 3 types: raw sugar, white sugar and refined sugar.


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