Concentrated Latex

Thailand is the world’s number one rubber producer. With its strategic location at the center of Southeast Asia and an abundance of natural rubber, it remains an attractive destination for investment in the rubber industry.

Not only is the country a regional vehicle production and export base for some of the world’s leading carmakers, the growing demand in the nation’s healthcare market and the strong government support for rubber and its supporting industries also makes it an ideal destination for foreign investors to set up manufacturing bases.



Controlled from even the collection of fresh field latex from small holders, concentrated latex is pure and is one of the most clean raw material in terms of rubber. Fresh field latex is preserved with added chemicals and centrifuged to obtain a concentrated latex of 60% DRC (dry rubber contents). Ammonia is added during the process to enhance the preservation of latex but depending on specific requirements of the customer, various degrees are added to the concentrated latex.

Good grades:

60% HAL – 60 % DRC concentrated High Ammonia Latex

60% MAL – 60 % DRC concentrated Medium Ammonia Latex

60% LAL – 60 % DRC concentrated Low Ammonia Latex


Bulk/ Individually packed 205 kgdrums/ FlexiBag pouches

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