The bamboos are evergreen perennial flowering plants in the subfamily Bambusoideae of the grass family Poaceae.

Herbaceous bamboos are usually small and resemble grass and are only a few centimiters tall, while woody bamboos (depending on the species) can grow up to 30 m tall and 20 cm in diameter, hence the reason they are often confused for being “trees”. The bamboo species Dendrocalamus sinicus is considered the largest bamboo in the world reaching 40 m in height and 30 cm in diameter.



15 creative uses of bamboo:
  1. Bamboo is used for building roads.
  2. Bamboo is used for medicinal purposes.
  3. Bamboo is used to promote fertility in cows.
  4. Bamboo is used to build houses and schools.
  5. Bamboo is used to make clothes.
  6. Bamboo is used to make accessories.
  7. Bamboo is used to feed people and animals.
  8. Bamboo is used for scaffolding.
  9. Bamboo is used to make furniture.
  10. Bamboo is used to make rugs.
  11. Bamboo is used to make diapers.
  12. Bamboo is used to make toys.
  13. Bamboo is used to make durable utensils.
  14. Bamboo is used to make beer!
  15. Bamboo is used to make musical instruments.

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