Import / Export

Import / Export

The main destinations for Thailand’s exports are the rest of Asia and the US. The country also ranks high among the world’s automotive export industries and electronic goods manufacturers. Thailand is also among the world’s largest exporter of several agricultural products, such as rice, shrimps, tapioca, rubber and sugar.
The US is Thailand’s largest export partner and the third-largest supplier after Japan and China. Although traditionally Thailand’s major markets have been North America, Japan and Europe, economic recovery witnessed by Thailand’s regional trading partners also helped boost growth in Thai export. The country has also increased its exports in some of its non-traditional export markets, including India, China and the Middle East.

Thai import / export license

Whatever the operation you make, you must obtain an Import / Export License (or customs card, valid for 3 years.) It is a smart card for importers and Exporters Thus, online brokers get a golden card, while a yellow is intended for the owner or manager, the lawyer will get a green card and the clearance card is pink.
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Import and Export Laws and Rules

All shipments departing or arriving in Thailand are governed by rules. On the other hand, the export of certain products is formally prohibited by law in the absence of certain licenses. For example, it is illegal to sell rice abroad. The trade in timber, rubber, animal skins, scrap and silk may be allowed to foreign buyers in exchange for substantial taxes at their expense. For gold, livestock or sugar, it is essential to obtain a license from the government.

Import controls

The Thai Ministry of Commerce divides the goods into different families that are controlled on import and often require a license. Over the years, even if these controls are gradually liberalized, there are about 50 categories of
goods requiring an import license. They are frequently modified by ministry notifications. The license application must be attached to a supplier’s order, confirmation, and invoice.

Many products are subject to other controls from other laws. These include:

The importation of pharmaceutical products (medicines) requires a Food and Drug Administration authorization from the Ministry of Health.

The trade in minerals is subject to a strict rule: without the appropriate authorization, it is prohibited to import more than two kilograms of tungsten oxide and tin ores and metallic tin.
Antiques, works of art, museum and historical exhibits may not be shipped without authorization from the Director General of Fine Arts Weapons, ammunition, explosives, fireworks and prohibited firearms are prohibited from the production, purchase, use or import unless they have the appropriate license Of the Ministry of the Interior.

To protect public health, the importation of cosmetic products must be accompanied by the name and location of the office and place of manufacture of the products and their name and composition.

Export controls

The Ministry of Commerce has legislation in place to control imports and exports of goods that apply to products. Currently, about 50 products require control.

Export licenses have been established for certain products, such as seeds, tobacco leaves and trees. In addition, products such as rice and sugar require export licenses under the Export Standards Act. This law makes it possible to control the quality of these products intended for export.

Agricultural exporters find that membership in business associations is mandatory and that these associations can create and implement their own membership regulations.

*** Please note that the Thai rules and laws are constantly changing and that it is very important for you to check every information with the Thai authorities who can update some rules. We do not warrant the accuracy of any information provided on
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