Core Business Activities

Core Business Activities the Company has grown continually for nearly eleven year’s thanks to its talented management team. The Commerce Siam product range includes all FMCG, sourced from Europe, North and South America and Asia, enabling the Group to have a rich offering of products to its local and overseas customers. Commerce Siam covers, not only Thailand market but also several GCC and neighboring countries including India, Pakistan and Africa. The head office manages the company’s vast network of local and foreign branches through its modern, integrated on-line system. Our entire facility is Secure, CCTV controlled and fully Hygienic, with modern storage racking system with allocation of numbers, code and pallets ID’s which help in easy access for deliveries.
Our logistic team strictly implements FIFO method for all our brands and products. By regular stock monitoring and following FIFO method, Commerce Siam ensures to provide fresh and quality products for its consumers to enjoy.

Quality Policy

The Commerce Siam mission statement clearly states that the Company will:
* Ensure that the interests of customers,
* Employees and members of the community are always put first
* Provide a wide choice of products and ensure timely delivery of these items at all times
* Develop a mutually-beneficial commercial relationship with a wide variety of local, regional and multinational suppliers
* Ensure our personnel are properly trained so they are better able to serve our customers
* Provide a safe working environment
* Continue to improve our processes, systems and human resources capabilities