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Who we are?

Welcome to Commerce Siam of Companies, the Thailand leading distributor of internationally renowned Food products from all over the world. Commerce Siam of Companies has been an established part of Thailand commercial landscape since 2007. The highly successful company was set up by a dynamic entrepreneur Mr. Sohrabi. Our Mission
Supply affordable quality products to the mutual benefit of our supply chain partners and consumers.

• Improve customer satisfaction
• Improve operational efficiency
• Improve accountability
• Reduce environmental foot print

We believe in Investment and Reinvestment During its initial stage the prime focus was on food range. Gradually as the market was shifting from wholesale concept to the modern trade, the company started adapting to the changes and began exporting different lines of food & non- food items in Thailand & Southeast of Asia. Today, Commerce Siam is proud to supply an impressive portfolio of internationally recognized brands and to be one of the leading full-fledged distribution, logistics and marketing company covering each and every corner of the market.